CROSS OF MONTSERRAT

Laura Mostaghel truly wanted to do something meaningful to aid the thousands of volcano victims displaced on the small Caribbean Island of Montserrat. She had a vision which resulted in a beautiful creation of hand made limited number of crosses made of clay/porcelain incorporated with small pinch of Montserrat ash which led to an official invitation to London and the introduction and personal presentation of her art to dignitaries and celebrities at a Montserrat fundraiser including British prime Minister Tony Blair, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir George & Lady Martin, Sir Elton John, Prince Andrew, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Sting and other performing artists for the “Music For Montserrat Concert” benefit at historic Royal Albert Hall in London.

Originally, Laura had planed to create 200 editions of the crosses, But she only had time to make 38 crosses to meet the deadline and fly to London. So even though it shows 200 edition on back of each cross but actually 38 crosses were made. 4 Crosses available- for more info. or inquiries contact Artist.



Porcelain Cross/ Title ‘Weeping Rose of Sharon for our Princess Diana’ in memory of Princess Diana’s 2nd Anniversary 1/1

Porcelain  7″x 10.25″ 1/1     $3,400.00

Collectable Porcelain Crosses

Sunflowers 7″x10.25″  1/1  $500.00

Southern Cross ‘God & Country’  7″x10.25″   1/1  $500

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